Overslaan en naar inhoud gaan

About AIMS

The Amsterdam Infant Microbiome Study (AIMS) examines how tiny creatures like bacteria and viruses change in the bodies of babies and toddlers and how this can affect their health. We, the researchers at the Amsterdam Public Health Service, aim to understand how these tiny creatures develop as a child grows. We are also interested in how these creatures are linked to health issues such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and oral health problems.
This research provides important and new information useful for scientists, as well as parents and healthcare professionals. The results will help provide better advice for the health of both current and future generations of children. Do you want to contribute too?

Who conducts the AIMS study?

The AIMS study is conducted by the Amsterdam Public Health Service as part of the Sarphati Cohort. The Amsterdam Public Health Service conducts this research in collaboration with Sarphati Amsterdam, a research institute where the Public Health Service collaborates with hospitals and various universities in Amsterdam to prevent lifestyle diseases. Together, we aim to understand how we can ensure that as many children as possible grow up healthy. We also try to prevent or reduce certain health problems in children.