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AIMS is carried out from the research initiative Sarphati Amsterdam.

AIMS is a birth cohort study, in which we study how the microbiome develops in the first three years of life in Amsterdam children.

The goal of AIMS

Gather knowledge and insight into the development of the microbiome in young children. This research sets the conditions for studying the correlation between the microbiome and the growth and development of children. We focus on growth curves and oral health.
AIMS includes the following research themes:

  1. How does the development of the microbiome proceed in the early phase of life?
  2. What is the impact of the microbiome in early childhood on growth curves?
  3. What is the impact of the microbiome in early childhood on oral health?
  4. What is the role of nutrition and other lifestyle and environmental factors in the development of the microbiome?

AIMS and the Sarphati Cohort

AIMS is part of the Sarphati Cohort, an Amsterdam health study for 0-18-year-olds. After the birth of their child, Amsterdam parents receive a letter from the Amsterdam Public Health Service. This letter informs parents about the Sarphati Cohort and how they can participate.

Interesting data

Core of the Sarphati Cohort: during visits to the Parent and Child Team (or childcare center), youth doctors/nurses record data on the growth and development of children. After consent, informed consent via the Sarphati App, this data can be used anonymously for research. This data is enriched with samples of body material collected by AIMS participants. This naturally provides an interesting dataset for both longitudinal and short-term research.

Current collaborations

The Amsterdam Public Health Service conducts the AIMS study under the flag of Sarphati Amsterdam. Sarphati Amsterdam is a collaboration between the Amsterdam Public Health Service, Amsterdam hospitals, and knowledge institutions. Goal: research to contribute insights and practical tools for a healthy future for all Amsterdam children.
Within the AIMS study, there is a collaboration between the Amsterdam Public Health Service and ACTA, with a focus on oral research.

Oral research within AIMS

This research is the world’s first study focusing on the development of the microbiome and its relationship to oral health. ACTA conducts this part of the AIMS study.
It goes like this: a dentist conducts an oral examination of the participating mother and her child. This is a win-win: the participant gets an extra dental check, and the dentist contributes additional data to the AIMS study. Oral research adds a lot to the AIMS study. Previous studies have already shown that the composition of the microbiome can influence oral health.

Are you a researcher and want to use a unique data infrastructure and datasets? Then AIMS offers you many possibilities. mail us for more information: or check our website: