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How can I participate?

If you would like to participate, please fill in the questionnaire on this website’s homepage. If the results show that you meet the criteria, you can participate. You will be notified immediately and we will ask you to enter your contact details. You will then receive the information brochure and consent forms in the mail. Once we receive the signed consent forms, you will be provided with the materials for the study.
Consent forms can be sent free of charge to the following address (no stamp required):
GGD Amsterdam
Afdeling EGZ/Sarphati Amsterdam
Antwoordnummer 10681
1000 RA Amsterdam
Please note: the consent forms for the children need to be signed by both parents who have parental authority. You will receive the consent form for your baby once the baby has been born.

What is the duration of the AIMS study?

The study will last a total of three years. We will follow your baby from birth until the age of three. We will also follow the mother, partner and sibling until the baby is six months old.

What does partner mean? And which sibling can participate in AIMS?

By ‘partner’ we mean the partner who lives with you, the mother. It can be the father of your child or children, but can also be someone else. The gender of your partner doesn’t matter either.
By ‘sibling’ we mean the youngest brother or sister of the baby. If you would rather not let that sibling participate, then you can select another sibling instead.
Your partner or the child’s sibling is not required to participate and can stop if they want to at any time, although that would be unfortunate from the perspective of the study.

Can I still participate in AIMS even if I’m not willing to collect samples of my own stool?

Most definitely! The most important thing for the purposes of the study is that the parents collect stool samples from the newly born child until the age of three years old. If we don’t receive stool samples from the mother, partner or sibling, that is unfortunate from the perspective from the study, but it is no reason to terminate your participation.

I would prefer that no samples be taken during the birth. Can I still take part?

Definitely! It would be very helpful for the AIMS study if we could also receive biological samples taken around the time of the birth. But if you are unwilling to allow this or it proves to be impossible, this is not a requirement for participation. So your family can still participate in collecting biological samples at the other times required for the AIMS study.

Do I always need to fill in the questionnaire? And what happens if I forget?

Filling in the questionnaire is a very important part of the study. Completing it takes a maximum of 10 minutes, and usually even less. You have seven days to complete the questionnaire. It is no longer possible to do so after that period has expired. If you don’t manage to fill in the questionnaire then that is unfortunate from the perspective of the study, but it is no reason to terminate your participation.

Can I stop participating in the study at any time?

Definitely! You can terminate your participation at any time you want. If you decide to do this, it is important to notify the AIMS research team as soon as possible at: aims@sarphati.amsterdam or 020-555 5495.