• *U vindt deze code in de email die u van ons heeft ontvangen met instructies over de AIMS cadeau catalogus.

AIMS gift catalogue

As AIMS participant you collect points which you can exchange for small gifts. On this page you can select the gift(s) according to the collected points. But you can always choose to collect the points and exchange them at the very end of your AIMS participation.


  • Select the gift(s) of your choice and click on the button ‘Order’.
  • Fill in your email address and the participant number of your family.
  • Click again on the button ‘Order’.  Your order has been sent and you will the gift(s) by post.
  • You can only order according to the total amount of collected points. You will find the total score in the email which you’ve received.
    You can also save up the points and choose your gift(s) at the end of your AIMS participation.   Thank you for joining the AIMS study!

AIMS gift catalogue

Wooden trainset

250 points

Stick & Stack Blocks

70 points

Teddy bear

40 points

Rubber bath toys

130 points

Puzzle Miffy

110 points

Book feest voor Ilyas (Dutch)

130 points

Atlas of Amsterdam

300 points

Dopper – Sea Green

75 points

Jumping rope

42 points

Table soccer

153 points

Memory game

40 points

Color drawing box

42 points

Color drawing art set

42 points

VVV Giftcard 5,-

50 points

VVV Giftcard 10,-

100 points

VVV Giftcard 15,-

150 points